Postcard Albums Package Luxus – Saddle Tan with 10 pages

Luxus Maxi album includes ten (10) transparent pages for 60 postcards.

Item #1002CP
System: MAXI
Availability: In stock


1 × Maxi Luxus Album - Saddle Tan
1 × Transparent Postcard Pages Package of 5
1 × Transparent Vertical Postcard Pages Package of 5

Postcard Albums Luxus Package – A top notch luxurious album in large format for your biggest needs!  Includes Luxus Maxi album in saddle tan with ten (10) transparent pages No. 1014 and No. 1015 for 30 horizontal and 30 vertical oriented postcards.  

Album is richly padded in textured leather grain with an embedded border on the cover.  Sturdy nickel plated steel 4-ring mechanism with light touch release and two (2) heavy duty sheet lifters.


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