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November 7, 2016 – Around the World in 3 Coins

Here at SAFE® Collecting Supplies we cover ample news and history about American coinage, but there's a rich culture of currency extending beyond and before the good ol' U.S.A. With that said, let's delve into the world of international coin currency. Namely, we'll tell three fascinating international historical coin stories. Read More >


October 18, 2016 – Celebrating An American Icon: The 2016 Mark Twain $5 Gold Proof Coin

Mark Twain once famously said, "the lack of money is the root of all evil." And speaking of money, the man is now etched onto a $5 gold coin of his own. Go figure. Read More >


September 20, 2016 – Augustus Saint-Gaudens and the American Gold Eagle

When it comes to the innumerable reliefs that have been wrought onto U.S. coins over the years, the canon of the images of American coinage owes much of its thanks to one man in particular: Augustus Saint-Gaudens. And in light of the recent release of the 2016 1 oz. American Gold Eagle Coin (the obverse of which was sculpted by Saint-Gaudens), we thought it would be appropriate to delve into a brief history of his life and works—namely in regard to his coin reliefs. Read More >


August 11, 2016 – Counterfeit Coins & Currency

The Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) made an announcement late last month warning coin collectors about a noteworthy spike in counterfeits currently circulating through the market. Read More >


July 15, 2016 – World Stamp Show NY 2016 Recap

Last month, the once-a-decade 2016 World Stamp Show wrapped up in New York after philatelists gathered to take part in a full week of the community’s best in exhibits and events—a stamp collector’s dream! Read More >


June 10, 2016 – A Little History About a Little Coin

Who would have thought that a modest little cylinder of copper would spark such heated debates? Of course, we’re talking about the penny, and it’s no news that for years now there has been ample discussion as to whether we should keep it around, or confine Lincoln strictly to the five-dollar bill. Read More >


May 20, 2016 – The Inverted Jenny

To the average person, the words Inverted Jenny might  evoke thoughts of an upside down donkey, but for philatelists from all walks of life, they carry a much different, and greater, meaning. Read More >


April 26, 2016 – Stamp Prices Go Down for the First Time in Almost 100 Years

Despite the U.S. Postal Service’s struggle to stay afloat in recent years, Congress (in the USPS’s words) “forced” the pseudo-governmental agency to drop the price of a first class stamp from 49 cents down to 47 cents, they announced earlier this month. The last time a stamp’s price decreased was in 1919, nearly a century ago. The drop took effect on April 10. Read More >


March 24, 2016 – Three Rare U.S. Gold Coins

Earlier in the month, a Mint State (certified MS-66) 1799 Capped Bust Right $10 gold eagle was offered for auction at the Whitman Expo in Baltimore, evoking a resurgence in interest in the coin amongst numismatists. As its provenance remains largely unknown, part of the wow factor is a byproduct of its mysteriousness. While 1799 Capped Bust Right eagles are common in general, Mint State pieces such as this one are rare. Read More >


February 23, 2016 – Add These 2016 Stamps to Your Collection

The USPS recently released their annual preview of new stamps for the year ahead, and as a premier provider of collection books for all the philatelists out there, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of them. Read More >


January 20, 2016 – 5 Rare Disney Pins

With any collection, there are the elusive, rare items that are seemingly always just out of grasp. Like legends, these limited collectibles teeter on the line between reality and fiction; their existence is proven only by hard evidence. Otherwise, they continue to haunt the grapevine as individuals clamor to obtain these next-to-mythical totems. And then, out of nowhere, someone acquires this rarity and collectors everywhere revel in its sweet, sweet glory. The hunt is exhilarating, and the prestige that accompanies procuring a rare item is invigorating. Read More >


December 15, 2015 – Gift Tips and Ideas for The Rock Collector in Your Life

If you think the rock and mineral hobbyist in your life has enough stuff to satiate his or her thirst for rockhounding, you might want to reconsider your position. For the unassuming rockhound, a gift that adds to his or her collection can be a treasure. However, if you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of rock collecting, figuring out what to get someone who is can be challenging. After all, this kind of a hobby is a niche field. It’s not like buying a jersey for a sports fan. If this sounds like a predicament you’re in, please read on. Read More >


November 30, 2015 – The Numismatist’s Guide to Paper Currency Preservation

Collecting currency is an endeavor that involves many things, both physical and intangible. Aside from sheer wit and an innate ability to learn about currency history and market value determination, the aspiring numismatist must know that the materials used to preserve each piece in this niche market must live up to certain specs, which we shall elaborate upon further along in this post. Read More >


November 25, 2015 – Things to Start Collecting in 2016

Think collectibles are an old-fashioned pastime? Think again! The number of collectors out there is growing as fast as the market for collectible items is. Thanks to the reemergence of comic books in popular culture and TV shows that feature antiques and historical memorabilia, the joys of collecting and trading are being explored by more and more people every day. It doesn’t appear as though collecting is on its way out any time soon, either. In fact, there are a few areas of collectibles that newcomers and collecting veterans alike would be wise to investigate. Read More >



October 14th, 2015 – Why Philatelists Love Our Patented Hingeless Albums

At SAFE Collecting Supplies, our SAFE-dual hingeless stamp albums have become the go-to albums of philatelists (that is, stamp collectors) around the globe. But what makes our particular product so beloved within circles of those who collect these fascinating items? Read More >



August 17, 2015, Accessories to Bring Your Rock & Mineral Collection to Life

There’s so much that can be done for a fossil, rock and/or mineral collection in the lines of presentation to create a collection that becomes a special experience for others, as well as the collector. Rock and mineral collecting is one of those things that runs the gamete, from hobby to profession to being someone’s life’s work. Why let something so potentially flexible and amazing be boring and plain? Read More >



May 31, 2015, The supplements are coming…the supplements are coming…

No, not the British.  The annual SAFE Supplements to our hingeless country stamp albums are finally in route from Germany.  You can pre order the 2014 Annual Supplements on our website so that you will receive them at the end of June. Read More >



March 17, 2015,  Coin Cases for the most discerning Numismatists…

Happy St Patrick's Day to all my Irish and non-Irish collectors!  When non-collectors think of a numismatist (coin and currency collector), they think about antique coins, old currency, and perhaps shiny gold coins they have seen on TV. However, there’s much more to the science of Coin Collecting than ever before. Read More >



February 21, 2015 – 5 Contemporary Tools That Every Philatelist (Stamp Collector) Should Be Using!

The art and study of stamp collecting is formally known as “Philately,” and Philatelists are individuals that excel in the study of stamp and postal history.  Technically, one doesn’t need to own a single stamp to be considered a Philatelist, but that’s no fun, right? Read More >



January 17, 2015 Attention Fellow Numismatists–U.S. Mint is Releasing 2015 Silver and Gold Coins!

It’s a New Year, and the U.S. Mint has announced a breadth of new gold coins for collectors to invest in this year.   These new gold coins can serve as a healthy investment for any collector in 2015.  Here are some of the details. Read More > 



December 11, 2014 Taking Some Time To Discuss The Vibrant History of Stamps

On July 1st, 1847, the United States Post Office Department would issue their first postage stamps…but they were not the first.  In 1837, Sir Rowland Hill of Great Britain proposed a new idea of standardized prices for delivery of mail, or “postage”.  This new idea resulted in printed envelopes with pre-printed postage or adhesive labels placed onto them.  Not long after this discovery, the first stamp was soon to be born. Read More >



November 17, 2014, Assess Your Coin’s Value, Then Protect and Display Them Accordingly

Coins and currency are huge investments, and coins are valued and judged based on a wide variety of criterion.  Assessing a coin collection and determining coin value is important towards being a great coin collector with a stunning collection. Read More >



October 31, 2014, Tips for Building an Attractive and Memorable Collection

I try to feature different collectibles in these intermittent blogs, but this week I just want to talk about collecting in general and how to build your own collection. Read More >



October 17, 2014, Batman stamps….really?!

No question this week, I had to tip my hat to the folks at Business Week this week.  All stamp collectors read this and rejoice, at least we made the news cycle! This article talks about the new Batman stamps and the commercialization of USPS stamps in order to drive profit.  No duh….they are losing millions every month! Read More >


October 6, 2014, Why Stamp and Coin Collecting Books are Assets to All Collectors…

Adequate preparation is needed when beginning the exciting hobby of collecting stamps and coins. If you are new to the world of stamp or coin collecting, you will find that the best way to benefit from collecting is to always be prepared!  What is the best way to prepare for a rewarding hobby in collecting? By reading and using stamp and coin collecting books!  Read More >


September 7, 2014, Important Things to Know BEFORE You Buy Rare Coins & Currency

For over two thousand years, numismatics, or the study of coins, tokens, medals and paper money, has been a fascinating pursuit for many.  In addition to providing hours of enjoyment and entertainment, coin and currency collecting offers unique educational experiences spanning a variety of subjects from history and geography to chemistry and economics. Read More >


August 10, 2014, What happened to the color of my stamp?

From time to time I hear from collectors who have come across a stamp that has turned color from yellow or orange, to a disgusting brown or chestnut.   What happened?? Read More >


July 19, 2014, How do I measure the specific gravity of a rock or mineral?…

This week I received a call from a Rock Hound asking what is the easiest way to find a minerals' specific gravity?  While we sell many rock and mineral collecting tools, like a rock scale, ultraviolet lamp and other rock tools, you should have a glass beaker.  Just like the one you had in Chemistry class in high school. Read More >


June 14, 2014, Coin Toning…why does it happen?

Recently I got into a discussion with a long time stamp collecting customer of our's who recently got started into coin collecting.  He asked me about coin toning, its causes and what can be done about it.  So thought it would be nice to share with everyone who doesn't understand why this occurs. Read More >

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