Hot Wheels Display Case in Cherry Wood with Glass Shelves

Beautiful cherry wood with glass shelves

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Curio Cabinet Cherrywood "Midi"
1 × Curio Cabinet Cherrywood "Midi"

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A smaller version of our popular No. 5927 – with 3 glass shelves (14″ x 1-9/16″ deep each)

A curio cabinet, or Wunderkammer (literally translated as “Wonder Chamber”) arrived sometime during the Rennaissance as scientists, artists, and other enlightened minds sought ways to display their works and discoveries to a curious world.   Collectors typically arranged their objects in such a way that would convey their understanding or interpretation of the world – thus providing a glimpse of their personality.  Like little museums, this versatile cherrywood curio cabinet allows you to display your most treasured collectibles!

  • Made with precision German craftmanship from precious wood and 5mm thick glass
  • Perfect for all small objects!
  • Solid brass snap key locks and hinges
  • Includes three glass shelves (14″ x 1-9/16″ deep each)
  • Shelves are adjustable in the seven recessed side grooves
  • Free standing or can be hung on a wall
  • Curio Overall Size: 14-3/16″ x 9-7/16″ x 2-3

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