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Currency Albums & SleevesCurrency Holders & Currency Sleeves and Ultraviolet Lamps & Accessories from SAFE that fit every type of currency that has ever been issued, allowing you to customize your album pages to your collection.  You simply select the album style that you like, select the pages and you've created the perfect solution.  Need help? - CLICK HERE TO CALL US

SAFE produces the finest Currency Holders the world has ever known.  With many sizes of both medium-weight and heavyweight currency holders available made out of archival polyester, you will be sure to find one to fit your banknotes.  We also have a downloadable Coin & Currency Catalog that you can easily view on your computer or tablet.  


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currency albums

Currency Collecting Supplies from SAFE, provides currency and rare paper money collectors a wide variety of banknote albums, currency sleeves, currency albums, stock pages, leather binders, ultraviolet lamps and counterfeit detectors and accessories to protect, analyze and admire your currency.  

Beautiful, archival paper money supplies are available for high value of rare paper money and obsolete currency - guaranteeing your banknotes do not lose their value due to their storage environment. SAFE provides many different sizes of currency albums, pages, and currency sleeves & banknote sleeves to fit:  checks, certified currency, confederate currency, fractional currency, colonial currency, world currency, military payment certificates, national banknotes, graded currency and even pages for full uncut sheets.  We also have low cost archival pages for the budget minded currency collector.  Studying the history of currency and paper money is fascinating - but don't trust your collection in anything that doesn't have the SAFE logo on it. 

After investing so much time and money in finding your banknotes, you should be sure that you have found the optimum way to store your paper money. There certainly are a number of things that a currency collector should consider, such as quality currency holders, as well as the following:

1. Temperature & Humidity - It should be on the cool side (less than 70 F) and most importantly - consistent.  Humidity can also be a problem as paper naturally absorbs the ambient moisture.
2. Ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun will fade paper money relatively quickly and can also make it more brittle.  Do not leave your banknotes out in the sun for any length of time. 
3. Clean hands are essential. The introduction of natural hand oils and other contaminants can cause staining and damage over time to the banknotes.  Ideally, use cotton gloves to handle the banknotes themselves.
4. Acid-free storage materialsCurrency holders and currency album pages MUST be free of plasticized PVC and chemical stearates.

Banknote Collecting Supplies - Show off your collection with banknote collecting supplies that will keep every note properly stored, organized and beautifully displayed. Choose from complete banknote kits or single binders and vinyl pocket pages that will help you conveniently add on as your collection grows richer and richer.

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