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Currency Albums & Pages

Currency Albums

Currency Albums from SAFE are well known as the best in the world!

Our customizable systems allow you to select the style and size of binder that you like, select the pages, and you've created the perfect customized solution to your collection.  These systems allow you to keep your raw banknotes, graded currency, and some even allow for coins - all in one album!  Your paper money collection doesn't deserve anything less!

If you have any questions as to which would work best, send us an email or CLICK HERE TO CALL US at 877-395-7233.  We love to talk to Currency collectors because we are too!

Currency Albums & Pages

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  1. Variant Matching Slipcases

    Matching handmade slipcases/dustcases for 11-Ring Variant Albums
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We have a wide variety of Currency Albums shown above that you can collect your currency,  banknotes and paper money in:

Classic Albums - 14 ring - The professional choice
Variant 11 Ring - Bookshelf format - fits nicely into safe deposit boxes
Collecto Albums - 4 ring - Huge Capacity and Wide Variety of Pages
Compact Albums - Huge capacity in small format
Artline Album - Modern artistic design at an economical price
Graded Currency Album - Perfect size for graded currency to fit in safe
Mini Currency Album - Small format for easy storage