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Albums for Coins & Currency Together

Modern design inspired by the artistic aspects of money.  

Our albums are lightly padded, and designed to accommodate both coin and currency pages and keep them safe for future generations. 

In our blue Collecto album which comes with 2"x2" pages, you can then add some currency pages (465) to complete the collection.

In our beautiful Variant album, which comes with 10 pages for currency, you can then add a few coin pages (820-838) to complete the collection.

With our Artline system, choose either the coin design (7346) or currency design (1269).  Add some coin (7392-7394) or currency (1278) pages based on your own collection. 

Any problems deciding, just give us a quick call or send us an email and we will be happy to help you design the right package to fit your collection!

Albums for Coins & Currency Together

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Artline Coin Album No. 7383

Attractive, Artist Inspired Modern Design Albums for the 21st Century Collector

These albums for both Coin and Currency have an attractive design on black background and include a strong 4-ring mechanism with sheet lifters.

The Artline Currency Album No. 1269, (shown at right) with a currency design, is initially supplied with a mix of 8 currency pages and can also hold our coin pages No. 7391 through 7395.


The Artline Coin Album No. 7383 (shown below) has an attractive coin graphic design and is initially supplied with one of each of our 4 coin pages (No. 7391 to 7394) and can also hold our currency pages No. 1276 through 1278.

7346 Artline Premium Coin Album

Our newest addition - the Artline Premium Coin Album No. has a series of album/page combinations and comes with a 3D polished metal embossed label on both the cover and the spine.

Crystal clear, archival quality foil pages.

Currency Artline Pages Available (supplied with black cardboard inserts):

No. 1276 Artline one-pocket (7-1/8" x 10") pages for extra large currency. 

No. 1277 Artline one-pocket (7-1/8" x 4-3/4" each) pages for large currency. 

No. 1278 Artline three-pocket (7-1/8" x 3-1/8" each) pages for standard currency. 

Coin Artline Pages Available (includes black interleaves):

No. 7390 with 2 slides for 6 coins up to 69 mm Dia (2-5/8"), up to Dollars

No. 7391 with 3 slides for 15 coins up to 44 mm Dia (1-7/8"), up to Dollars

No. 7392 with 2 slides for 24 coins up to 34 mm Dia (1-3/8"), up to Half-Dollars

No. 7393 with 3 slides for 35 coins up to 28 mm Dia (1-1/8"), up to Quarters, SBA, Presidential Dollars

No. 7394 with 3 slides for 60 coins up to 20 mm Dia (7/8"), up to Cents, Dimes

No. 7395 with 5 slidesfor 40 coins up to 25 mm Dia (1"), up to Quarters, Euro coins