Coin Album in Wine Red for Silver Eagles in Capsules

Fits up to 80 Silver Eagles in Capsules

Item #480-2EAGL
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1 × Collecto Value Ringbinder - Wine Red
1 × Pages for Silver Eagles in Capsules per 2

Our latest development of a Coin Album with Pages that allow you to place your American Silver Eagles in Capsules into an album you can place on your shelf instead of a case.  This package includes our Collecto Value Binder in Wine Red (No. 480-2) with a 3″ wide spine, as well as 2 durable, transparent album pages that holds coin capsules up to a 47 mm outside diameter.  20 Eagles fit on a page so that up to 80 Silver Eagles will fit in this album.

This system allows for convenient viewing from both sides while completely protecting coins, easy-snap closing.  Pages are made from crystal clear PET and are 100% PVC-Free.  The pages are suitable for American Silver Eagles capsules.

Size: 9 1/4 x 11 3/8″

Capsules and coins are not included.  If you still need some – add some here:

Pack of 5 Capsules for Silver Eagles (6741) for $5.95
Pack of 25 Capsules for Silver Eagles (6741XL) for $12.95


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