Last month, the once-a-decade 2016 World Stamp Show wrapped up in New York after philatelists gathered to take part in a full week of the community’s best in exhibits and events—a stamp collector’s dream! While we couldn’t setup a booth this time (we were busy busy selling our stamp collecting supplies online), I did personally visit for a day.  It was certainly wonderful admiring all the greatness that the show had to offer and we hope to participate in the next one in Boston (in 2026).


In case you couldn’t make it either, these are some of the highlights from the show:



Over the course of the week, there were thousands (almost 4,000 to be exact) of exhibits brought to eventgoers by societies, auctioneers, collectors, postal offices and exhibitors from a variety of countries spanning six continents. One of the not-to-miss exhibits came from Mystic, and featured a treasure trove of rarities, including Black and Red Honduras stamps!  Just beautiful!


Unsurprisingly, the United States Postal Service featured the largest booth, and was heavily involved in the exhibition overall. They even set up a little game show drawing a crowd! Many other countries’ postal administrations were there too. Australia Post made the long journey up from down under to give philatelists a stunning exhibit.


Post offices from all over the world rolled out new issues at the exhibition, including the joint UN/Austria Post unveiling of a stamp to commemorate and honor the blue-capped UN Peacekeepers. And then there was the USPS, which unveiled its latest collection, commemorating 16 National Parks—from Acadia to Yellowstone, and many in between.



The competitions at the decennial event showed off the exceptional talent in the philately community. All in all, there were over 700 competitive exhibits there! But of course, the most venerated trophies were awarded to the three Grand Prix finalists, which were:

  • Grand Prix d'Honneur: Alvaro Castro-Harrigan of Costa Rica for the Panama as a State of Colombia exhibit.
  • Grand Prix International: Wei Gang of China for the postal history of Mongolia exhibit.
  • Grand Prix National: Gordon Eubanks of the U.S. for his exhibit

Congratulations to them all!



Galleries from far and wide held major auctions at the World Stamp Show this year.  One of them sold a single Inverted Jenny that realized $1,175,000. Talk about needing a protective stamp album for that!


The World Stamp Show is crucial because it brings our stamp community together, and shows the world the amazing history stamp collecting has to offer. It’s events like these that make us proud to call ourselves philatelists. Happy collecting, and see you at Boston 2026!