I try to feature different collectibles in these intermittent blogs, but this week I just want to talk about collecting in general and how to build your own collection.

Collecting is more than just a hobby.  It also involves history, science and a keen eye.  There is no shortage of counterfeit collectibles going around, and it’s important as a collector to know the difference between the genuine article and a fake.  Making sure your items are the real deal is just the first step to making your collection more attractive.

How can this be achieved?  It can be done in a number of ways.  More experienced collectors may be able to simply use advanced magnification systems to discern quality and authenticity.  These products can range from simple magnifying glasses, to microscopes and telescopes, all the way to advanced electronic magnifiers and eye-glass low vision aids that contour to someone’s face individually.   There are also ultraviolet lamps, watermark detectors, perforation gauges and other advanced collecting accessories that assist the collector in determining authenticity.