Rock and Mineral Collecting: The Beginners Guide

Starting a rock and mineral collection can be exciting and rewarding but knowing where to begin can be tough without much prior experience or knowledge in the subject. With so many varieties of rocks and minerals and such a variety of collecting accessories, tools, and products, starting your collection might seem like a steep undertaking at first.

 Luckily, we’re here to help.

From understanding which rocks and minerals to collect and where to go to discover them to choosing the perfect rock display case for your collection, we’ll explain everything a novice collector needs to know before starting a new rock and mineral collection.

Knowing Which Rocks to Collect

 The rocks you decide to collect should depend on a few key factors, including your willingness (or lack thereof) to travel for rare or unusual rocks. Some rock collectors choose to fill their collections with a small selection of samples from each country or region they visit, while other collect a variety of rocks and minerals within a local region. Some also base their entire collections on one class of rock (sedimentary, metamorphic, or igneous) while others like to collect a variety. Learning the classifications of rocks and which types are located in your area can be helpful in helping you refine your collection.

 Getting the Right Tools

For any collector, the right tools can not only improve the quality of rocks you find, but can improve the enjoyment of the experience as a whole. Tools like magnifiers and geologist’s hammers are essential for most rock collectors. A magnifier will allow you to get higher quality pieces for your collection, while the hammer will let you take samples of rocks that would have otherwise been too large to take with you. You should also consider a field guide for rocks and minerals in the areas you collect, as well as labeling materials for your samples.

 Selecting the Right Case

A rock and mineral collection is never complete without a quality rock collection display case to store, protect, and present the carefully selected assortment. From mineral display stands and easels for precious single rocks to larger display cases for entire collections, you can explore the wide variety of top-of-the-line rock and mineral display cases from SAFE Collecting Supplies to find the one that best matches your needs and wants.

For more help building your rock and mineral collection or for more information on the various display cases available to you, contact SAFE Collecting Supplies at 877-395-7233.