The next thing that can be popularly done is extensive sorting and categorization of your collectibles.  This can be more helpful to people enjoying and educating others about their collection.  When things are sorted, categorized and made understandable for someone who isn’t an expert or professional collector, it makes a collection a learning experience, like a museum or library, and by having interesting, well explained objects, the collection gains an entertaining flair for any hound in the collecting trade. 

There are a multitude of cases and albums that help with categorizing and detailing a collection.  One way is with detailed three dimensional (3D) Floating Frames that give observers and the collector a look at an item from all angles, without the danger of touching a valuable collectible.  Customizable albums and pages can be used to cleverly organize your collection of coins, stamps, postcards, pins and/or old currency.   
There are many options in these categories.  There are Collecto Albums, which are sturdy and meant for high-capacity storage.  Setups like these are sought after by hounds with extensive collections.  There are a vast assortment of labels, decals and stickers for organizing collections as well.
Last but not least, there are all sorts of safes, display cases and chests of drawers that can personalize a collection, adding class and beauty to valued belongings.  There are universal storage systems like the Beba Storage Case, which can be used for a varied assortment of collectibles.  There are also elegant and timeless chests made from wood, acrylic and aluminum that can be used for coins, rocks and many other detailed forms of collectibles. 
Having the right chests and storage units make a collection attractive and informative, and make you proud to display them to friends, family and other interested individuals.  There are many other collectibles that these can be utilized for aside from the ones listed here, like jewelry, perfume bottles, comic books, DVDs, trains, matchbox cars and much more. 
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No question this week, I had to tip my hat to the folks at Business Week this week.  All stamp collectors read this and rejoice, at least we made the news cycle! Just remember, if you buy the Batman stamps, just make sure to put them in SAFE Stamp Album or Stockbook.