Those of you philatelists who were able to get your hands on the new Total Eclipse of the Sun Forever stamp, consider yourselves lucky! The United States Postal Service conceived this first of its kind, unique stamp by utilizing thermochromic ink, making it quite the addition to any serious philatelist’s stamp album.

Why thermochromic ink?

The use of thermochromic ink allows the stamp to consist of two images. When you put your finger to the stamp, the solar eclipse will change into the moon. Then, it will transform back to the eclipse upon cooling. No other stamp has ever had this ability before.

This new, exclusive stamp was created in honor of this summer’s total solar eclipse, which is going to occur on August 21. The photo used for the stamp was captured by retired NASA astrophysicist Fred Espena, a.k.a. Mr. Eclipse, over a decade ago during the total solar eclipse in Libya. Mr. Espena is also credited with taking the picture of the moon as well. Ultimately, this magnificent stamp shows what people can expect to see during the upcoming eclipse.

About the Solar Eclipse

A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon entirely blocks our visibility of the sun, which in turn casts a shadow on the Earth. In addition, this occurrence forms a 70-mile-wide shadow path which is known as the “path of totality.” This eclipse will traverse the country diagonally, beginning in Oregon and ending in South Carolina, passing through parts of 14 states over the duration of approximately 90 minutes. This occasion will mark the first time in 99 years that the United States will hold witness to a total solar eclipse.

The Total Eclipse of the Sun Forever stamp officially, and fittingly, debuted during the summer solstice at a ceremony at The Art Museum of the University of Wyoming. Chief Customer and Marketing Officer of the United States Postal Service, Jim Cochrane, along with NASA and Mr. Espena, were on hand to unveil their new creation.

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