They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and that idiom has a particular meaning to Marina Noutsou. She lives in Athens with her husband and two sons, where her house is full of thousands of postcards from all around the world. When Marina looks at postcard holders, she is sent back to the time and place in which she got it. In all started in 1970, when her grandfather gave her a postcard picturing the small town of Ioannina where they lived.

She was walking with her grandpa along the lakeshore when he bought her a postcard of Ioannina. He told Marina not to forget where she came from, no matter where she goes or what she does. Marina cherished that postcard from that moment on, using it to remember where her family lived. It would inspire her to collect more postcards.

Marina would purchase postcards from the places she visited, mostly in Greece. She aimed to buy postcards of all kinds including famous landmarks, monuments and cities as well as small villages, distant places, and other interesting sights.

Browsing through her albums makes her feel relaxed and nostalgic. As time passed, she found the hobby more and more fascinating. She shared this fascination with her family and friends. In turn, they would help add postcards to her collection from the places they lived and visited.

This hobby turned into a Guinness World Records title for the largest collection of postcards. She has 15,089 unique cards filling up her postcard sleeves! It all started with a simple gift from her grandfather, and now it’s a massive, record-breaking collection. With such meaning behind it, she sees each postcard as a symbol of important memories from her life’s journeys.

Collecting postcards isn’t just a hobby to Marina anymore -- it’s a lifestyle. The first thing she does when going someplace new is to find stores that sell postcards. Luckily, her family and friends know how passionate she is about it and are constantly on the lookout as well. Her collection continues to grow every day.

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