Here at SAFE Collecting Supplies, we know that your collection means a lot to you. You spend time and energy pouring love and attention into the collectibles you’ve gathered over the years. Whether you began collecting in recent years or have long been interested in coins, currency, and other collectibles, you need the proper accessories to fully appreciate the items you’ve amassed.

With the Central States Numismatic Society's 79th Anniversary Convention about to take place on April 25, 2018, we here at SAFE Collecting Supplies thought it would be great to shed light on some of the products we'll be showcasing at this year's event. In fact, below you’ll find some useful coin collecting supplies that will help you enjoy your collection to the fullest. See how many of them you already have and discover some new items you should consider acquiring!

1. Coin Loupe


A quality coin loupe should be in every collector’s back pocket. This Folding Achromatic Loupe from Eschenbach gives collectors a crystal-clear, distortion-free image with its achromatic lens. The multiple lens magnifications allow the user to adjust the zoom while the black metal casing protects the lenses from scratches. This tool is a must-have for collectors visiting auctions, conventions, or simply enjoying a home collection.

2. Precision Coin Scale


A scale that is both accurate and precise is not easy to come by. Cheaper scales give inconsistent readings and have a larger window of error. For coin collectors who are serious about their hobby, an accurate and easy-to-use scale like this one is a must. With an attractive design and precise readouts, this digital scale is perfect for proud collectors showcasing their collections.

3. LED Lighted Magnifier


High-quality magnifiers with built-in LED lighting are not easy to come by.  There are less expensive plastic lens magnifiers, but the old adage is true, “you get what you pay for”. With a 10x zoom and both LED and UV lights built in, this LED Magnifier from SAFE Collecting Supplies illuminates any collectible without distorting its colors. The UV light is also intended for fluorescence testing of currency, artifacts, minerals, and other collectibles.

4. Coin Collecting Case


Any collector should be proud of the items they’ve acquired over the years. With a handmade, wooden coin collecting case, you can show off the beauty of your collection. SAFE Collecting Supplies offers a wide selection of coin cases, currency albums, stock and bond sleeves, and more so collectors can proudly display their collections.

5. Steel Safe


You’ve worked hard to collect your valuables. Now protect them while you’re away with a steel safe. Steel safes from SAFE Collecting Supplies come in three sizes to store all of your collectibles safely. Explore the various pricing options and safety features, including optional biometric fingerprint access for serious collectors.

For more information on coin collecting accessories including the ones featured above, explore our website today!