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Alphabetical Index of Product Categories

Alphabetical Index of our Product Categories

11 Ring Binders & Pages for Currency, Covers & Stamps
11 Ring Binders & Pages for Coins
14 Ring Binders & Pages
3-Ring Binders & Pages
2-Hole Punch – 80 mm
3 Hole pages in Black, Grey & Transparent
4-Hole pages for Collecto System
4-Hole Clipfix Hagner style swedish stock pages
2″ x 2″ Coin Holders
About SAFE
Advertising Memorabilia Albums
Aluminum Foil Photo Pages
Aluminum Carrying Case for Postcards, Photos, Cover, etc.
Aluminum Carrying Cases for singe coins and sets etc.
Aluminum Collector Safe
Aluminum Collecting Cases “Trendy”
Aluminum Collecting Display Case – Maxi
Aluminum Storage Display Cases
Aluminum Universal Collecting Cases
Aluminum Storage Cases
Aluminum Antiquity Display Case
Antiquity Case made of precious wood
Approval Cards & Case
Art Supplies: Portfolio
Autograph Albums
Artline Currency (graphic design) Album
Artline Coin Albums with Graphic Design Cover

Banknote Albums
Banknote Holders
Baseball Card Albums
Beba Coin Cases
Beba Collecting Box
Binocular System for Near and Distance
Binders ONLY, 2 Ring
Binders ONLY, 3 Ring
Binders ONLY, 4 DIN A4
Binders ONLY, 14 Rings
Blank Pages for Exhibits
Brilliant Photo Pages
Business Card Albums and Folders
Business Card Sleeves

Carrying Case (Aluminum) for Postcards, Covers, Photos, etc.
Carrying Cases (Aluminum) for Single Coins and Coin Sets, etc.
Casino Chip Albums & Cases
Carrying Case for Postcards
Catalogs – Michel
CD and DVD Album
CD/DVD Carrying Cases (Aluminum)
Certified Coin Drawers
Certified Coin Pages
Champagne Caps and Display Case
Clipfix 4-hole Hagner style swedish stock pages
Classic 14-ring Albums & Pages
Coasters Album
Coil Strips Album
Coin Albums & Cases
Coin Albums with Graphic Design Cover
Coin Albums with 3D metal embossed label
Coin Boxes/Trays made of precious wood
Coin Calipers
CoinCard Stockcard Page for 2″ x 2″holders
Coin Capsules
Coin Display Case made of precious wood
Coin Cases for single coins, slabs and multiple coins
Coin Case “Elegance” made of precious wood
Coin Cases – made of precious wood
Coin Cases – made of aluminum for Slabs, 2×2’s, etc.
Coin Cleaners
Coin Combi Album
Coin “Jewel” Box
Coin Display Cases – Beba
Coin Drawers (Stackable)
Coin Gloves
Coin Holders 2″x 2″
Coin Nova Stackable Drawers/Trays
Coin Pages for Certified Coins
Coin Flips
Coin Pockets
Coin Polishing Cloth
Coin Scales
Coin Tongs
Coin Wallet
Collectors Hobby Kit
Collector Safe – Aluminum
Collecting Box
Collecting Display Cases made of aluminum
Collecting Display Case – Maxi
Collecting Case -wooden
Collecting Cases “Trendy” – Aluminum-
Collecting Folders
Collecting Systems
Collecto Album & Pages
Color Pocket Viewer/7X Magnifier
Color Video Magnifier/TV Color Reader
Comic Book Storage
Compact Album & Pages
Compact Coin Album
Compact Horizontal Cover Album
Corner Mounts
Corner Cutter, Corner Rounder
Cotton Gloves
Counterfit Detectors
Country Albums
Country Stamp Albums – Hingeless
Country Stamp Albums – Yearly Supplements
Cover Albums
Cover Holders/Sleeves (archival quality)
Credit Card Sleeves
Credit Card Folder
Currency Albums
Currency (graphic design) Album
Currency Holder/Sleeves
Cutter, Rotary and others
Cutter for Corners

Dealer Stock System
Deluxe Document/Postcard Album
DIN A4 Binders ONLY, 4 and 14 Rings,
Display Case – made of wood -with Glass Top -for Coins
Display Case – made of wood – with Glass Top – for Pins
Display Case – made of wood – with Glass Top – for Champagne Cork Tops
Display Collecting Cases made of aluminum
Display Carrying Case made of aluminum
Display Stand – made of wood – for 4″x6″
Document Albums & Pages
Document and large size albums
Drawers for Coins
Drawing Board
Drawings Portfolio
Drying Press
Dual Blank Pages
Dual Plus System
Electric Stamp Drying Press
Eschenbach Magnifiers
E&T Kointainer Saflips for Coins
Euro 3-Ring Stock System
EURO Coin albums and trays

“Elegance” Coin Case made of precious wood
Exhibition Pages
Eye Glass Attachment
Eye Glasses MaxDetail
Favorite Ringbinders
FDC Holders (archival quality)
FDC Cover Album – 2 rings
Fit-to-Size Coin Album
Flips for Coins
Folding Pocket Magnifiers

Garant Stock Pages
Giant Album & Pages
Gift Ideas
Gloves for Coins
Gold Embossed Labels
Gooseneck Magnifiers
Hagner 4-hole stock pages
Halogen Table/Bourse Lamp
Headband Magnifier
Hingeless Blank Pages
Hingeless Country Albums
Hobby Kit
Illuminated Pocket Magnifiers
Illuminated Stand Magnifiers
Illuminated Stand Magnifier – Scribolux
Jeweler’s Loupes
Jewelry Magnifiers
Jewelry Chest, Box
“Jewel” Coin Cases
Jumbo Giant Album and Pages

Keplerian Telescope
Labels and Decals
Leather Binders, 14-rings
Leather Photo Albums
Linen Testers
Links to Other Collecting Sites
LED Reading Magnifiers
LED Gift set Reading Magnifier
LED Pocket Magnifiers
LED Standing Magnifers

Magazine Albums
Magazine Files
Magnifier 7X/Color Pocket Viewer
Magnifying Eye Glasses
MaxDetail Eye Glasses
Maxi Album & Pages
Maxi – Aluminum Collecting Display Case
Memory Book Cutters and others
Michel Catalogs
Military Patches
Milk Lid Album
Mini Cover Album
Mint Set Album
Mint sheet File
Money Card Albums & Pages
Monocular Telescope
Mount Cutter and Mounts
Mounts for Stamps
Multi Purpose Storage Drawers
Notepad and Stockbook (Phila-Folder)
Nova Coin Drawers
Nova Coin Drawers exquisite made from precious wood
Numismatic Supplies

Order Form
Organizer Files
Organizer Trays with Lids
Oversize Binders/Albums
Paper Collectibles
Paper Thickness Gauges
Perforation Gauges
Perfotronic2 Perforation Gauge
Philalux UV Lamp
Phone Card Albums & Pages
Photo and Graphic Folder
Photo Album – made of wood
Photo Albums – made of leather
Photo Albums & Pages
Photo Mounts and Cutters
Picture Frame – made of wood
Picture Display Stand for 4″x6″Pictures-made of wood
Pin Albums & Cases
Pin Display Case – made of wood – with Glass Top
Pin Albums in bright red or black
Playing Card Albums
Pogs Album
Pocket Magnifiers
Pocket Illuminated Magnifiers
Polishing Cloth for Coins
Posso Telephone Card Box
Postcard Carrying Case- Aluminum
Postcard Carrying Case- Simulated Leather
Postcard Box – Wooden
Postcard Folder
Postcard Holders/Sleeves (archival quality)
Postcard Albums & Sleeves
Postcard Album Deluxe
Precision Folding Loupes
Precision Scales
Premium – Coin Albums
Presentation Binders
Presentation Cases for Coins, made of wood
Presentation Case “Elegance” made of precious wood
Presidential Dollar Album
Proof Set Album
Punch for our 2-hole Binders
Reading Magnifiers
Ringbinders ONLY, 2 Ring
Ringbinders ONLY, 3 Ring
Ringbinders ONLY, 4 Ring DIN A4
Ringbinders ONLY 14 Rings
Rotary Cutters and others
Round Corner Cutter

SAFE tabs
Safety Flips for Coins
Scales – Precision
Scrapbook Cutters and others
Scribolux Stand Magnifier
Sheet Music Album
Sheet File
Single Coin Cases
Slab Cases for multiple slabs -Wooden
Slab Case for a single slab – Wooden
Slab Pages for Certified Coins
Sliding Tracks
Slide Out Magnifer
Slipcase Binder – 14 Ring
Slipcase Binder – 11 Ring
Slipcase Binder – 4 Ring and 14 Ring DIN A4 Size
Specialty Album & Pages
Sports Cards Albums
Stackable Coin Drawers
Stamp Mounts
Stamp Stockbooks
Stamp Tongs
Stamp Albums and Supplies
Stamp Books (bound)
Stamp Country Albums – Hingeless
Stamp Drying Press
Stamp Washing Tray
Stackable Coin Holders (Displays) etc.
Stand Magnifier
Stand Magnifier – Illuminated
Statehood Quarters Album
State Quarter Coins
Stationary Pages
Stock Certificates
Stockbooks for Stamps
Stock Pages- Garant -14 holes
Stock Pages – Dual Blank – 14 holes
Stock Pages – 3 holes
Stock Pages – 4 holes
Stock Pages -4-holes Clipfix, Swedish Hagner style
Storage Drawers and Trays
Storage Trays with Lids
Storage Display Cases – Aluminum
Super Compact Album & Pages – DIN A4 (Now known as Collecto Album)
Supplements for Hingeless Country Stamp Albums
Surface Magnifers

Table Cloth
Table Top Magnifiers
Telescope Lenses for Near and Distance
Telephone Card Albums & Pages
Telephone Card Tester
Thickness Gauges
TOPset for Euros
Trade Show Binders
Trading Card Albums
Travel Photo Albums

Ultraviolet (UV) Lamps
US Mint and Proof Sets

Variant Binders & Pages
Video Lupe – Magnifier
Video Magnifier 7X, Hand-Held Color Pocket Viewer
Washing Tray for Stamps, etc.
Watchmaker’s Loupes
Watermark Detectors
Watermark Tray
Wine Label Album
Wooden Postcard Box
Wooden Coin Trays – Nova
Wooden Collecting Case -Nova
Wooden Coin Case
Wooden Coin Case “Premium”
Wooden Coin Display Case
Wooden Single and Multiple Coin Cases
Wooden Picture Frame
Wooden Presentation Cases for Coins
Wooden Display Case with Glass Top for Coins
Wooden Display Case with Glass Top for Champagne Caps
Wooden Display Stand for 4″x6 “Pictures”
Wooden Photo Album