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SAFE offers more than 5,000 items to store and analyze your collection and continuously introduces new products for collectors of almost everything.  You can easily download one of our catalogs in PDF format:

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Stamps, Covers & Postcard Catalog

Coin & Currency Catalog

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With your first order, you will receive a free paper copy of our printed catalog.  If you haven't received one recently and are within the United States or Canada and would like to, please go to our ordering page and we will be happy to send you one as soon as possible.  

Due to the high expense of mailing, we regret that we can not mail free printed catalogs outside of the US and Canada.  You would need to download and print our latest catalog in PDF-format below. 

SAFE Stamp & Postcard Collecting Supplies Catalog SAFE Catalog

SAFE Coin & Currency Collecting Supplies Catalog SAFE Catalog

SAFE Rock & Mineral Collecting Supplies Catalog SAFE Catalog

SAFE Pin Collecting Supplies Catalog SAFE Catalog

Please take a look at our new specialty Magnifier Catalog:

SAFE CatalogSAFE Magnifier Catalog

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