Signoscope Watermark Detector T1

Signoscope Watermark Detector T1
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SIGNOSCOPE WATERMARK DETECTOR T1 - The proven professional unit that anyone can easily use.

It's simple and works quickly.  Just place your stamp into the Signocope.  If there is a watermark, it will show, even on yellow or orange stamps.  You don't need to have any special skills or training to see the watermarks.  Supplied with AC Adapter for 110 volt and USA instructions.

We also recommend a Dustcover is also available No. 9891SP

Replacement bulb: 7V/0.3A - No. 9890

If you already own one and are just looking for the Signoscope T1 Instructions

Basically you just plug this in and go! I love the large screen and it is easy to use. It's expensive, but a great buy.

~ Happy customer

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Signoscope Watermark Detector T1

Signoscope Watermark Detector T1

Professional unit and easy to use. Includes USA 110v adapter.

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Dustcover For Signoscope T1

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