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	Hingeless Stamp Collecting Albums, Books & Supplies


	Stamp Collectors, both beginner and professional, have different types of stamp collections, all of them for a reason.  No matter what type of stamps you collect, stamps have a way of accumulating unless you come up with ways to organize and preserve your stamp collection with the proper philatelic supplies.  We also have great gift ideas for your favorite stamp collector!

	You may already have stamp collecting books or stamp collector supplies.  But are you certain that they are guaranteed to protect your stamps for the long term?  SAFE produces the finest hingeless stamp albums in the world guaranteed to preserve your stamp collection!  Please take a look through our website and see the different options of stamp collecting albums that we have.  If you are unsure what to select, just give us a quick call at the number above or send us an email.  We love to talk to other collectors since we are ourselves.

	Also have a look at our new downloadable Stamp & Postal Stationary Catalog in PDF.   You will receive a printed version with your next order.

	Coin Storage

	SAFE is the world's premier manufacturer of coin collecting supplies.  Coin collecting albums & books, along with coin storage cases from SAFE fit every size coin and medal that has ever been issued, allowing you to customize your storage option to your collection.  You simply select the coin collecting album, book or case that you like, select the pages or trays and you've created the perfect solution.  We also have great gift ideas for your favorite coin collector.

	Take a look at our new downloadable Coin & Currency Catalog.  And you may also want to visit our list of common coin sizes and coin template to help you find just the right size coin storage for your collection. 

	Currency Albums & Pages, Paper Money Album & Supplies, Banknote Albums


	Currency Sleeves and Ultraviolet Lamps & Accessories from SAFE that fit every type of currency that has ever been issued, allowing you to customize your album pages to your collection.  You simply select the album style that you like, select the pages and you've created the perfect solution.  

	Take a look at our new Coin & Currency Catalog that you can download to your computer or tablet.  


	Rock Collection Display Box & Acrylic Display Case

	Geologists both pro and amateur have rock collections, most of them for a reason. No matter what type you collect, rocks have a way of accumulating unless you come up with ways to organize and display your rock collection.  

	SAFE Collecting Supplies will have the right storage, collection boxes and display cases for any size or type of rock collection.  We have options in wood, aluminum and acrylic and each display serves towards a variety of implementations.  Geologists know what type of display will serve their collection best, and we will help geologists throughout the entire process to make sure they get exactly what they want as well as what they need.

	Download our new Rock and Mineral Brochure shown at right in PDF format for easy reading.

	Postcard Albums & Postcard Sleeves


	Deltiologists, both beginner and advanced, enjoy collecting vintage postcards and other postcard history but they need to be protected and secured. SAFE produces the best archival quality Postcard Albums and Postcard Sleeves for your new, antique postcards, continental postcards and vintage postcards. Our postcard sleeves are simply the finest available made of virgin polyester.

	Our postcard album systems allow you to simply select the style of album that you like, select the pages, and you've created the perfect customized solution to your collection. We have a wide range of sizes available of postcard sleeves that are all manufactured with the highest of quality and are guaranteed pH-neutral and free of all plasticized PVC.

	Take a look at our new Stamp & Postcard Catalog in PDF format that you can download for easy offline reading.   We should have a printed version available in late October that you will receive automatically with your next order.

	A Pin Trader or a Pin Collector?  Which are you?  Maybe both!  Either way, SAFE has the industry's best pin collecting book and lapel pin display case in the world. 

	Lapel Pin Display Case

	SAFE also has Pin Collecting Book, Lapel Pin Display Cases and Pin Trading Bags for the Pin Collector of Olympic Pins, Hard Rock Cafe Pins, Military Medals & All Trading Pins Collections.  Pin Collectors can customize displaying their pins because of the wide variety of pin products SAFE produces. 

	If you stumbled onto this page and collecting Military Collectibles, we also have Albums & Cases made just for Military Medals & Ribbons


	First Day Cover Albums for FDC's and Postal History Covers, etc.  SAFE offers a complete line-up of albums for cover collectors. Enjoy looking at the variety of options available to arrange your collections.  Depending upon the size of the postal covers, you can have albums with one cover per side (most pages are double sided), two, four or even six covers per page.

	Take a look at our Stamp & Postal History Catalog that you can download. 

	The Best Archival Storage Boxes, Wooden Display Cases and Stackable Drawers

	You enjoy collecting many different items but they need to be organized and stored.  They also need to be presented in a manner that makes you proud to exhibit them. The discriminating collector knows this and uses SAFE collecting systems. The most researched, modern and unique system in the world! 

	SAFE provides many different sizes of cases to fit:  jewelry, perfume bottles, rocks & minerals, comic books, magazines, DVD's, trains, matchbox cards and much, much more.  Please take a look around our website and feel free to call us toll free with any questions you might have.

	Handheld and Hands Free LED Magnifiers, Loupes & Binoculars.  If you would like to learn more about magnifiers - please read this short article.  If you would prefer, we also have a PDF Catalog available for you to download.

	Most importantly, selecting a magnifier and loupe is a very personal experience.  Please feel free to give us a call at 877-395-7233 so we can discuss your application and guide you to some possible solutions.

	Albums and Display Cases for Champagne Caps, Champagne Tops and Lids Collection

	Great Gift Ideas for your Favorite Collector
Other collecting supplies

For over 60 years, collectors like you have found that SAFE is the world's leading manufacturer of high quality Collecting Supplies and customer service when it comes to organizing, archiving, presentation and collecting supplies.  Helping you find the appropriate collecting and storage system for everything collectible: Coins, Stamps, Paper Money, Rocks & Minerals, Pins, Postcards and more.

SAFE can also help you with its' world renowned testing equipment and accessories, along with Eschenbach Magnifiers & Loupes - the best magnifiers in the world today!

All material that comes in contact with your collection is guaranteed archival quality, museum grade, 100% acid free (pH-neutral), free of plasticizers (chemical softening agents), free of stearates and does not contain plasticized PVC.   You may also want to read our brief article on 3-ring pages vs multi-ring pages.  Or a more technical article on pH-neutral vs acid-free.

Take a look at our various catalogs which have a multitude of new ideas for how to preserve and protect your collection.  We also have some very nice Gifts Ideas for Stamp Collectors and Gift Ideas for Coin Collectors

Whatever you may collect, we have the appropriate solution for the archival storage of your collection.  We do our best to explain things here on the website, but if you have any questions at all, please call or email us.  We love to talk to collectors! 

              We pride ourselves on our 5 star service! 

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